Transportation Rates:


All fees are flat rates within the city of Edmonton and are based on distance.  If requested, a quote will be provided at the time of booking.  Additional stops are extra.

Sherwood Park

All rates within the boundaries are $10-$15 each way.


Popular Destinations include:

    • HYS Center
    • Royal Alex Hospital
    • Grey Nuns Hospital
    • U of A Hospital
    • Northgate Center
    • Misericordia Hospital
    • Meadowlark Professional Medical Building
    • Hair Salons
    • Dental Appointments
    • Day Programs
    • Airport
    • Fort Saskatchewan
    • Out of town trips….we’ll go almost anywhere, just ask.

    Accompaniment Services

    Sometimes you may need us to stay. Therefore, we offer a service where we will stay with our individual clients from the time we pick them up until the time we bring them home. We stay with them and help them with everything they need including grocery shopping, running errands, or even going for drives in the country. We charge this service at a rate of $60/hour and it is pro rated.